This text describes the terms of service of the following websites and the associated services:

  1. CISMeF, Catalog and Index of French Language Health Resources on the Internet, URLs:,
  2. CRBM, Bibliographic Query Builder in Medicine, URL:
  3. Doc’CISMeF, Health search engine, URL:
  4. ECMT, Multiple terminologies concept extractor, URL:
  5. HeTOP, Health Terminology/Ontology Portal, URL:
  6. Inforoute, URL:
  7. LiSSa, Scientific Health Literature in French language, URL:

These websites and the associated services are created and maintained by The Department of Medical Informatics and Medical Information from the Rouen University Hospital located 1 rue de Germont 76031 Rouen Cedex, France, hereinafter referred to as "D2IM".

Through these websites and the associated services, the user may have acess to bibliographic, documentary and terminologic resources, hereinafter referred to as "the resources". Please note that these resources may be protected by specific licenses and protected by the intellectual property of other copyright holders. Any use of these resources must follow the present rules and must be under the agreement of their potential copyright holders.

D2IM allows:

  1. the use of its websites and the associated services free of charge by individual users for their personal benefit, for public service purposes or in support of a liberal activity in a measured fashion.
  2. the use of its websites and the associated services at a large scale free of charge for academic and research purposes on the conditions that it conforms to the requirements of intellectual property rights and the scientific and that the scientific production of the D2IM is acknowleged.

D2IM does not allow:

  1. the use of its websites and the associated services for commercial purposes without explicit agreement
  2. the distribution nor the alteration of its resources or subsets of it obtained through its websites and the associated services without explicit agreement

The use of some service may require an account for wich personal data are collected. They are use for stastitical and management purposes. Your e-mail may be used for information about our services. In accordance with the law you have the right to acess and correct your data. They may be saved during one year after the closure of your account.

D2IM takes reasonable steps to ensure the stable functioning of its websites and the associated services and to check the quality of the provided resources. Nevertheless D2IM assumes no responsibility for the consequences of the interruption of its services or errors. Functionalities may be added or removed at any time. Health Information obtained may not replaced in any case the advice of a Health professional.

The following e-mail may be used for contact regarding the D2IM'swebsites and the associated services:

These terms are applicable for an undetermined duration and may be changed at any time.