About HeTOP

The Health Terminology/Ontology Portal

What is it?

The Health Terminology/Ontology Portal provides access to more than 70 terminologies/ontologies (T/O) in Health. T/O are now widely used across the world for different kinds of applications. They are also generally specific to a domain (anatomy, rare diseases, medical devices, etc.).

HeTOP is based on a multi-terminology meta-model to integrate all T/O into its data core. It is cross-lingual since T/O are often available in several languages. The web site is designed to help medical librarians, translators, students, teachers, researchers, T/O editors. It can be used by both humans and machines via a dedicated web service.

How do I use it?

The best way to start using HeTOP is to search terms among selected T/O. By default, HeTOP searches into MeSH/CISMeF. One other way is to consult the list of available T/O here. You can access to additional T/O if you are registered and logged in.

A short tutorial video in French is available here.

Who made it?

HeTOP is developed by the CISMeF team, Rouen University Hospital, Rouen, Normandy, France.

A lot of people, companies and institutions contributed to build this project from scratch since 2005. Check at our partner's page for credits and acknowledgments.

How to cite HeTOP in a paper?

Check at the publications page to get the reference publication and other papers about HeTOP.